Designer's Digest

"Alreet" ladies and gents! I'm going to attempt to do this blog thing… or as I called it… My Designer's Digest!

So I'll begin by introducing myself to those of you who may not already know me. I'm Simone (aka Sim), I'm Northern and I am also female. I have been into games since I was little and my favourite type of games are all the violent ones. *grins*

I have been at Stainless for three (nearly four ;) years now working on a number of projects and I nearly wet my pants when I found out about Stainless getting the Carma rights back :D. And I literally DID wet' em when I found out I'd be working on it!!

So I'm a designer on the project. I'll be making sure that the game has plenty of fluffy pink bunnies, green blood and no pedestrians! Haha only joking! ;) ... Nah - in reality I have been told I am suitably sick and twisted in the head. In fact, I'm pretty sure being a nut job is in the "required" field of the application form to work at Stainless... And if I could I'd be the first to stick pregnant ladies in the game (complete with "foetus burst"... hehe... well okay maybe that'd be a step too far… or maybe not?) lol!

One thing I'm really chuffed about was that I suggested the title "Reincarnation" for the new game. nobby was gutted that he didn't think of it first as he's always been the king of puns. But now there's a new pun princess in town… :D

I played Carma as a kid, not that I remember that much about it now because I was little… I mainly remember the shitting cows and the bikini ladies… I used to love running them over! I do remember thinking what a fucking MINT game it was (my favourite saying is "mint"... everything is either "mint" or "fucking mint").

Anyway! What have I been up to? You may well ask… Well, all sorts really!

First off we had to create Carmageddon goodie bags to give away to VIPs etc! We had to decide and make up what goes into these bags which was a mega fun task! We went with a t-shirt (gotta have a t-shirt ;) an awesome driving license style USB card, the design of which I took from the original game manual, a set of bumper stickers that I helped design (which for ages I kept calling Bummer stickers after an accidental typo, so that's what they're officially called now), and a Trumps style game we called CarDmageddon… plus a wheel keyring with Max's head in the middle and finally, special Carmageddon drivers' first aid kits.

We also had a great idea to make some little "ran over" grannies. So we ordered a huge box of grannies with zimmer frames...I then spent my Friday night cutting the arms off and detaching the grannies so it looked as if they had been run over :D...

 I gave them a bit of variety cutting anywhere from the wrist straight up to the shoulder. I then gently placed the granny head along with a leg (or two) into the Zimmer frame basket. To add the Finishing touch I simply filled up the basket with real blood (nail varnish) and dipped the arms in it :D and… Voila an army of grannies:

Anyway... Maybe you guys might like to think of a way to win one of my awesome Limited Edition Grannies?

Since we got that early promo shit sorted, I have been busy Creating design documentation, designing levels and power up ideas, as well as preparing website stuff like competitions, polls and organising and creating some Store stuff too.

I have also been constantly trying to keep myself up-to-date with the forums, to make sure I know exactly what you guys like! There are some great ideas in there too (which I will rob and claim as my own). ;)

As a team we like to keep a bit of a laid back approach with some of the design aspects… trying to keep the design of the game as organic as possible just like the original Carma, where everyone chips in and if it's a good idea then it goes in… (hang on a minute… I'm pretty sure two seagulls are having sex on the roof above me here... OMG they are! I can hear it... they are proper going for it… ergh...) LOL

Anyway where was I..? Oh yeah! So, Make sure you express your thoughts and opinions in the forums! My ideal sort of thing to read is what you loved about the old games… I want to try and re-capture those great moments you had... any habits you may have had; like instantly driving off to sort out your favourite combos – include details! The more feedback you give about what you loved in the old game the more I know about your Carma experiences!

So, that's it really can't give too much more away just yet ;) … However! I leave you with some random shenanigans I get up to at the office. Sim's "making a brew" activities…

I like to draw accessories on the window, and then photograph the pigeons. Like this pigeon in glasses:

Another in a rather fetching hat...

And this pigeon, about to be headshotted in my pigeon culling FPS:

And they say that playing violent videogames too young can be harmful. What a load of tossing shite.

Laters potaterz!

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