Carmageddon: Reincarnation 'Hot Fix' - 18-02-2015

A new Hot Fix is available now (Beta v0.9.0.6674). This will be automatically applied to your game, the next time you run the Steam client. If your game is not being updated, please log out of Steam and back in and it should then start the update.

Data miss match issues when in multiplayer Data miss matches should be a lot better. If you do experience one, close the game down and re-launch.

Crash when changing resolution Changing to a higher resolution was sometimes producing a crash. This should now be fixed.

Flickering shadow issues Sometimes skid marks were causing issues where you would get big patches of what looked like flickering shadows.

Crashes due to audio being triggered when no sound card is present If you didn’t have a sound card in your PC and the game triggered the announcer audio to play, you may have crashed.

Crash on start-up There were issues on some machines where the game would crash as soon as the Max Splash screen appeared. This should be a lot better.

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Submitted by Darknesspr... on Fri, 20/02/2015 - 00:25

The Freeze ray has a bug in multiplayer i activated it and it wouldnt shut off. then i used anvil launcher while the freeze c ray was still active and nothing projectiled out. Yep that bug needs to be fixed. I'm sure theres more then one weapon bug in multiplayer. :/