“Brand on the Pun” Update

Hello! Sim here with a mini update today!

Remember the “Brand on the Pun” competition we did a while back? Well, our winners were chosen and their poster designs joined the spoof advertising posters queued up in our dev tasks list. Their day finally came when me and nobby had the time allocated to work on them, so I just wanted to share the final images that we’ve lovingly assembled. We hope you guys like the results!

Here is the original competition thread. And here are the runners up and winner’s final posters for the game:

Peti_Somorja’s (below left) created a master piece titled “I was in the war”, brilliantly in the style of a movie poster.


We absolutely loved this and really didn’t want to change the design or layout very much, so we just neatened it up a little and added a couple of tweaks here and there.

As you see on our version I have added a Bleak City silhouette with a gran flying gracefully through the air, which we thought gave it a bit of a “Band of Brothers” vibe (hehe). Nobby thought it would be better for us to use a line from a popular war film and change it to fit for us (see if you know what film it’s from BEFORE looking on the internet!). Everything else we kept essentially the same!

Rentless Monkey created this awesome “Cap’n Stinkeye Fishy Fingers” fish shop sign.

Rentless Monkey from our community used his artistic skills to create this very unique character, all we’ll be doing with this image is weather it up and change the colour values here and there to tone it in to its locations, which is as the signage for a store in the fishing/tourist village on Dusty Trails.

MickiMatsu was our GRAND WINNER for his state of the art “Master Beta” console system.

MickiMatsu gave us the description: “"Master Beta"/"Master Beta 2000" (or whatever random number, really) - Perhaps a poster/banner/ad for a gaming system, sci-fi movie or some kind of musical group, or an amazing comeback of the VHS tapes under a new name, which is inevitably going to fail miserably in sales... It could mean so much..!”

MickiMatsu gave us a great idea to go with and here is what we did with his idea…

Anyway, that’s how they’re looking. Artists have begun placing them in billboard locations in the game, and once we’re cleared for actually showing you in-game renders (coming soon, honest!) we’ll give you an update.

While I’m here, just a reminder to some Kickstarter backers that we sent out information regarding the IN GAME rewards (being a pedestrian & cosmetic add-on for the cars) so make sure you check your email and send us over the necessary items we need.

That’s all for now, I hope you like these comp-winning designs! Oh and don’t forget there’s another competition running RIGHT NOW, where you can win yourself a Carmageddon Christmas present!

Sim xxx

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