Beef curtains…pink, medium or well done?

Hey Guys!

Boy, have we got something juicy (but not Jones!) to show you today. Want to see some teats sway? You’re in the right place! Our artists have been busy modelling and mapping the bovine genome geometry, and today I’m going to show you what they have been up to at the animation stage!

But before we get to that, what I’d like to share first is some background about how we get to the point where an artist does the animation of a cow pooing itself. And in order to do that, I’ll be showing you some of the internal documentation that we’ve written, specifying the way peds will work.

Central to the artists’ tasks for creating the new peds for Carma: R and animating them is the list of requirements for what the peds will actually have to do in the game. What peds do is governed by their Behaviours, which the coders implement, based on what we’ve specified in the GDD (Game Design Document). In the GDD, it describes how Ped Behaviour is defined:

NormalBefore becoming scared, the peds exhibit a range of Normal behaviours:

  • Standing
  • Walking
  • Sitting

So, to our example; the cow’s “normal” State. Cows generally stand up, lie down, chew cud and walk around a bit. Our first video reveal could be called “the starter”. A little something to ease you into the main course (note: all courses will contain beef!). So first up is the Cow’s walking animation:

Cow Fact: A cow can walk upstairs but not down! Haha!

ScaredIn order to become scared, the peds will have to see something that scares them. These Scared behaviours will be triggered by:

  • A fast approaching car
  • A fast approaching part of a car
  • Other scared peds approaching/passing them

There will also be a chance of a ped being scared by seeing an injured ped, a dead body or body part. Alternatively they might be curious and stand looking (We don’t think Peds need to be scared by accessories flying towards them – we think it’ll be funnier if they’re just taken by surprise by an accessory hit!).

They want to get away from what scared them. They will exhibit Scared behaviour and:

  • Get up (urgently – panicked), if they’re sitting
  • Run away from what scares them

Their flight will take them in random trajectories away from the thing scaring them, deviating from “ped friendly” materials and traversing all the accessible level geometry.

While running away, there will be a chance that they’ll Interrupt their flight. They will stop, and:

  • Cower (crouching, arms over head)
  • Get out of breath, stop panting with hands on knees

Which brings us to the main course this evening; organic beef which has been processed through emotional states… So you can literally taste the fear! By which I mean… Next up is a video that demonstrates a combination of the ambient (laying down), scared run and slip animations as described above.

Cow Fact: They have nearly 360 degree panoramic vision. They maybe be able to see you coming, but they can’t escape death!

PowerUps PUps will also effect peds in many ways; from giving them giant heads, making them dance or even making their feet stick to the ground!

For every ped affecting power up there will be animations and effects for each pedestrian!

So what could top this meal off? A nice indulgent dessert…

Hit In the event of the ped being hit, or hitting something, they will react with the Impact behaviour (severity of impact will determine the type of behaviour):

  • Stagger and recover
  • Fall over
  • Rag-doll with constraints
  • Full Rag-doll
  • Explode

After scared Uninjured Pedestrians and Peds that have been hit but are uninjured return to Normal behaviour. They won’t attempt to return to where they started, but they’ll head for the nearest ped-friendly material.

Injured Pedestrians who have been bloodied or partially dismembered by a car will adopt a Distressed state:

  • Hop along on one leg
  • Drag themselves along, if they've been doubly unfortunate and lost both legs

Of course, after all that rich dessert, there comes a point when the dancing has to stop…

Cow fact: they don’t have 4 stomachs - they have 1 stomach with 4 sections!

And, after all that dancing it’s time for an invisible shit… (WIP)

(Visible shit will be supplied via a dedicated defecation particle effect…)

That’s all for now, brown cow! Special thanks to Carmageddon Art team… especially character artist James Clarke for our amazing performing cow!

Sim xxx

P.s (Don’t forget to share the cow love)

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