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Early Access 'Hot Fix' Update – 3 April

by shane on 03/04/2014

The team has been extremely busy since our Early Access launch last week and we have another ‘Hot Fix’ to send your way! The highlights for this Hot Fix include updates to Action Replay, making it more stable.

Keeping you in suspension!

by Simista on 31/12/2013

And a wazzing great welcome to the last update of 2013!! As promised (in my last update) we are going out with A BANG! But first I’d just like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your support over the course of the whole past year, you have all been waiting so patiently to see some in-game stuffs… and your wait has finally come to an end! YAY!!

Sim empties Santa's sack for you!

by Simista on 20/12/2013

Welcome the Christmas 2013 update! YAY Boy have we got some stuff for you today – it’s like getting one big present and then being told you have more presents to come!

“Brand on the Pun” Update

by Simista on 06/12/2013

Remember the “Brand on the Pun” competition we did a while back? Well, our winners were chosen and their poster designs joined the spoof advertising posters queued up in our dev tasks list. Their day finally came when Sim and nobby had the time allocated to work on them.

Squawk! It's The Hawk!

by nobby on 08/11/2013

Back in 1996 when Carmageddon was in development, it was decided that we’d give the player the choice of two cars to select at the start of the game. One would be a lighter, softer and faster car, the other heavier, better armoured but less nippy.